Diabetes and Nutrition – Putting ALL the Odds on your Side

Diabetes and Nutrition

The mere mention of the word “diabetes” can be quite scary to most people and, of course, being diagnosed with the disease will certainly change many things in your world

It is currently estimated that approximately 8% of the population, in the US, has diabetes and it appears as though this trend is growing.  Although these numbers are, indeed, staggering, the good news is that diabetes continues to be one of the most studied and researched diseases.

While there are no cures for diabetes, there is one surefire solution that can help you feel better and healthier and it involves taking a hard and serious look at your current lifestyle, starting with nutrition, or at least what you believe to be “nutrition”.  Yes, we have all heard about how important “eating well” truly is, however, it is also an invaluable way of managing your diabetes and of reducing your symptoms.   In fact, changing your eating habits is one of THE most powerful weapons you can have, in your fight, against diabetes–even perhaps reversing diabetes.

Unfortunately, for many people changing their eating habits, regardless of the reasons, can be incredibly difficult and challenging.  It is always a good idea to start with baby steps and to gradually incorporate dietary changes as you go.

Start by eliminating one “sugar laden” item per week.  It could be that glass (or ten) of coca cola that you drink each day.  Ask yourself if you truly enjoy the taste or is it simply because of habit?  Many people report that once they start questioning the “why” behind their eating – they come to realize that a lot of it is done out of habit, rather than enjoyment.

By eliminating these types of “junk foods” from your daily diet, you are certainly putting the diabetic “odds” on your side, so don’t hesitate to take an honest look at what you put in your mouth and ask yourself “if it is worth it?”  You might be surprised at the answer and your body will be grateful for it.

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