Diabetes and Exercise – Yes, you do Have to Move that Body

Diabetes and Exercise

For years, we have been hearing, from the medical profession, just how important eating well and exercising truly is for our bodies- and, for many of us, while we have “heard” the message, we have chosen, in many ways, to ignore it.  The reality, however, is that if you suffer from diabetes, it has now become crucial to start heedingthis invaluable message and to take it very seriously. Of course, while making healthy nutritional changes will go a long way in helping your body deal with diabetes, it is only half of the solution.

The other half, of course, is exercising.  Indeed, studies have clearly demonstrated that exercising plays a very positive role in lowering blood sugar glucose levels and can also reduce the insulin resistance – which helps stabilize the glycosylated hemoglobin.  In short, exercising regularly “does a body good”.  While there currently does not exist a way of reversing diabetes entirely, these healthy lifestyle changes can certainly go a long way in making you feel better and healthier.

Exercising  through cardio and weight training, and/or sports can also prevent a host of other medical issues such as heart disease, which is a growing concern for people diagnosed with type II diabetes and, of course, will also help reduce weight and fat, which in turn will regulate your weight ( a definite win-win for everybody).

While exercising regularly is highly recommended, you do not have to start spending all of your time at the gym.  Unfortunately, many people associate “diabetes” with a strict and regimented program that allows for no fun and play.  This is simply not true!  In fact, working out too much can be as much of a problem as not working out at all.

As with all things in life – finding a balance that you can live with is the key – but remember that in order to feel better and to manage your diabetes effectively – you must incorporate these proven solutions into your daily life, they may not reverse diabetes, but they will go a long way in making your life a long and happy one.

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